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Stress & Anxiety
Anxiety is part of the fight and flight response. It can be useful for navigating challenging situations, but sometimes we perceive dangers that aren't there, or we spend too much time working in high-stress environments. When we are in this highly aroused state, our body produces a hormone known as cortisol. This bio-chemical makes us hyper-alert, and draws attention away from digestion, immunity and cell restoration. In short, you begin to feel mentally drained, and physically unwell. Hypnotherapy can help to change your relationship with stress, and instil a calmness in your body that promotes your overall health and wellness. 


Insomnia is a sleep disorder that prevents us from getting a decent night's sleep. Due to a multitude of factors, you may find yourself feeling overstimulated, making it difficult to relax. You have lots on your mind, work a mentally demanding job, or have irregular shift patterns. All these issues can affect the quality of your sleep, which leads to tiredness, lack of focus, and even a deterioration in your overall health. It's always good to stop using tablets and phones after 10 pm and to turn the lights off at night. Failing this, Hypnotherapy can soothe your subconscious mind, allowing your thoughts to settle, which in turn allows you to achieve deep and restful sleep.



Many phobias exist in our subconscious as a learned response. We often acquire them when experiencing a fearful situation, such as being attacked by a dog, or getting trapped in an elevator. A phobia can range from vertigo and claustrophobia, to more exotic concerns, such as Mortuusequusphobia (fear of condiments), and Eisoptrophobia (fear of mirrors). These irrational fears cause many people to avoid social situations, or to form obsessive rituals to minimize their stress. Hypnotherapy is an incredible tool that reaches into your subconscious, changing your relationship with this fear. This can result in diminishing your anxieties or eliminating them altogether.  


Self Esteem
Having low self esteem can arise from several factors, including a fear of the unknown, a negative self image, or by basing your sense of worth on what others think. When our confidence has been knocked, it can hold us back from developing personally and professionally.  How we feel about ourselves is often influenced by social experiences, especially with friends, family and even the media. When the feedback is positive, we feel good about ourselves; but if its negative, we tend to develop a poor self image. Hypnotherapy can offer an effective strategy in rebuilding your self image and making you more self assured. Why not give it a try, it worked wonders for me. 

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We don't live in a perfect world, and sadly many of us have or will face moments of violence. For example, you may have witnessed an accident, been a victim of domestic violence, or faced combat. This can lead to night terrors, difficulty in concentrating, or reliving horrifying flashbacks. This trauma plagued my life for many years, but after trying hypnotherapy, I managed to free myself from my fear.  By allowing a therapist to work on you, you can diminish these traumatic memories, and alter the way you feel about them. Imagine sleeping restfully  through the night, forming healthy relationships, and feeling yourself from the bonds of fear. It's possible, I promise.

Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy can be an effective tool for diminishing compulsive behaviors. This is especially true of smoking. However, quitting this habit can be a big challenge, as it takes more than willpower to give up an addiction. There are many different options available to help you quit, from local support groups to nicotine patches. Before you try to quit, however, it’s important to recognise why you want to stop. Trying to quit when you’re not ready, or for someone else can often lead to relapse and frustration. When using hypnotherapy, you're more likely to succeed if you are make these changes for yourself.
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